Sunday, February 12, 2017

Revisiting Mount Faber

Searching for one of five official Merlions led me to Mount Faber peak several years back. I trekked from the base up to the peak following the main road and returned back using the short cut or mountain trails. Trust me, it was an arduous task.

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This time, with the family in tow, I need to be creative so we could visit Mount Faber peak without any hassle. I booked online a round-trip cable car through Klook Travel.

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Taking MRT travelled to HarbourFront Tower 2. From here we rode a cable car going to the peak of Mount Faber; the staff stamped our hand and signed on tickets perhaps to prevent any guests from having multiple rides. The family was immensely elated to see the forested view on our way to the peak; Mount Faber is like an oasis in the middle of concrete jungle.

We reached the peak at past 9AM. The restaurant was already open but no patrons yet so we had the whole place for us. The family enjoyed the picturesque views of Singapore especially the Sentosa Island area.

I had some great shot last time as well but I don’t remember seeing those tiny bells hanging around. Soon afterwards, I realized that the guests can now buy those pair of bells from the souvenir shop and tie them at any place they want. The idea was simply brilliant; it was like the Paris “love-locks.” For us, we tied one of the bells and brought the other one back to our home. Seeing this bell would remind the family that its pair is securely tied somewhere on top of Mount Faber. It was pretty nostalgic, isn’t it? By the way, there is a real bell in the area. They call it “Bell of Happiness;” you’re allowed to bang the bell at your own risk. I did it and it took several seconds before the ringing inside my ear disappeared.

We spent almost an hour here before we decide that it was time to visit Sentosa Island; so we headed back to the cable car station. We were stopped due to missing tickets. I lost our tickets and we couldn’t board the cable car even if we have stamp on our hand. The whole family was anxious; I could feel a powerful storm was brewing from the horizon, lol. Later on and thankfully, the staff informed us that 5 tickets were found by another guest and surrendered to them. Those were our tickets!

Finally, we were on our way to Sentosa Island. It was great to be able to visit Mount Faber but to enjoy its mesmerizing views of Singapore for the second time especially by cable car was simply indescribable.

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