Thursday, May 18, 2017

Couldn't climb up Batu Caves? Then try Ramayana Cave.

If you have visited Batu Cave then you’d be aware how arduous it is to explore this place. In fact, my wife, daughter, and youngest won’t dare climb it on our recent trip. My eldest wasn’t with us during our first visit a couple of years back so I accompanied him to the top; the rest of the gang surveyed the different souvenir shops below.

Ground level entrance

Ms. "Happy Stripes" exploring Ramayana Cave

Fortunately we noticed Ramayana Cave at the back of Hanuman (monkey god) statue near Batu Cave train station. It has ground level entrance perfect for the whole family. Admission fee is 5 RM for adult and free for children.

Inside are the usual Hindu altars dotted with images of different Hindu Gods and characters illuminated by brightly colored lamps. My favorite among them is the giant sleeping statue surrounded by different smaller statues. Upon seeing it reminds me of Wat Po Temple in Bangkok where you’ll find the giant Reclining Buddha.

Unlike in Batu Cave where you’d immediately notice strong breeze at the entrance here it was dank probably due to lack of ventilation and a small water falls inside.

View from top

On our way down

Going deeper into the cave we reached a narrow stone stairs leading to higher level. Be careful when you climb these steps since some of them are slippery. Though you’ll find nothing exceptional on top, the view of the ground with brightly colored Hindu altars are stunning. Not to mention that this is the first closed cave that the family has explored. Batu Cave is different because of the open crater at the middle which provide enough lights and ventilation inside.

Waterfall at the back
Exploring a cave is something new to my family thus I can say that our trip to Batu and Ramayana Cave is unforgettable. By the way, added attraction are wild monkeys living along the forested slope of the cave.

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