Saturday, May 13, 2017

Going back to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur with side trip to Legoland

One of the factors that cross-border tourists must always consider is how to visit a place in a different country and return back to his/her original entry point or another country.

On our recent side trip to Kuala Lumpur, originating from Singapore, the wife and I have researched on how to travel back to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur with side trip to Legoland, Johor Bahru. We learned that only Causeway Bus is providing a direct trip from KL to Legoland with pick-up point at Bukit Royale Bintang Hotel. The bus colorfully marked with Legoland logo leaves the hotel at exactly 7 AM daily.

On our last day in KL, we checked out from our hotel at 5:30 AM and taxied to Bukit Royale Bintang Hotel. Hence, we had ample time to wait for the bus and linger at the hotel lobby.

Beforehand, we booked online for 5 adult one-way and paid 57 RM per person. The entire trip took 5 hours including one stop-over. The bus has two comfortable seats on both sides while huge luggage are to be stowed at the bottom compartment. We brought some snacks since we didn’t have the time to have breakfast in the hotel. One of the advantages of daytime land travel is you enjoy the scenery for free; this is the main reason why we opted to travel at daytime rather than avail the overnight train trip.

During stop-over

The bus stops at Mall of Medini; Legoland ilocated at the back of this mall. To save money, we took our lunch in one of the restaurants in the mall before entering Legoland. Using our smartphone, we simply showed to the staff our admission voucher emailed by Klook Travel.

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Upon entering Legoland we realized that it attracts less visitors compared with other global theme parks such as Universal Studio and Disneyland. This could be a plus if you have smaller kids with you since you’ll have less queue time at different attractions and rides.

We dumped our bags inside a rented large locker then explored the place. We decided to call it a day after 5 hours and prepared ourselves to travel back to Singapore.

While inside Mall of Medini, we started searching for any available transportation that can ferry us back to Singapore. I saw one bus counter and inquired how we can go back to Singapore. The guy pointed towards a parked Causeway Link Bus along the main road and instructed us to wait at the nearby bus station since the bus would leave after 30 minutes; Causeway Link has regular daily trip to Legoland. I have no idea whether this bus is connected to Causeway Link bus that ferried us from KL to Legoland.

In short, we’re on our way back to Singapore. We used our EZ Link card for bus fare. Upon reaching Malaysian border, we alighted for immigration departure procedure. Take note that the bus won’t wait for the passengers but would pick-up those passengers that have completed the immigration procedure at the other sideHence, after immigration we proceeded to a marked Causeway Link bus station to wait for another bus to arrive. No worries since Causeway Link buses are regularly plying Johor Bahru area thus after around 15 minutes another bus has arrived. The same thing when we reached Singapore border, everybody has to undergo immigration arrival procedure. The only difference is that you have longer queue here. After the immigration, we lined-up again at Causeway Link bus station and waited. Be aware that aside from bringing all your belongings when alighting the bus there are several bus companies plying the same route so ensure that you are queuing at the correct bus station. 

Causeway Link bus ends its trip at Jurong East. From here you can now take the MRT train to reach your destination inside Singapore.

Though tired and famished, we were extremely delighted to have experienced another cross-border trip without any hassle or any untoward incidents; we’ve done this before between Macau, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. I am sure that my kids are gaining confidence in cross-border travelling and hopefully they’ll be able to use that experience when they themselves start to travel with their own families without my wife and I guiding them.

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