Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Be with me...

Today, I will start again my wandering...

To reach the nearest city airport, we need to travel by Dash-8, a twin prop 30 seaters plane. Upon reaching the city airport a chartered 70 seater jet is awaiting us for Dubai. I will stay for 21 hours at Dubai  hotel airport waiting for my Singapore flight tomorrow morning. 1 night at Tresor Tavern hostel then off to Kuala Lumpur to meet my wife and kid.

If everything goes as plan, I'll be traveling to several countries in different time zones for 5 weeks otherwise I need to return back to work site after 1 week if the 2 weeks training of my staff will push through; I can go back to KL and continue my vacation after their training.

It is a comfort that I could meet my wife and youngest kid at KL for several days. After that, I will be alone on my journey, visiting temples, cities and places which I am not familiar. Traveling on train, bus, tuk-tuk and plane. I am not even sure whether the road I will travel will be safe or not. I am thankful to other bloggers who have posted precious information about the places I am planning to visit. Even my family will follow me on this road through my blog for I can't guarantee a constant line of communication.

So, guys... be with me on my wandering and I promise, with the help of my cam, I will trap those places and people and share them with you...

BTW, I hope I will find my missing luggage at Dubai airport before I start my wandering.


I have arrived at Dubai business lounge after spending almost an hour at Emirates transfer desk inquiring about my luggage. I have been told to hope for the best because their staff is searching now for my missing luggage. In case by chance they find it, they will send it to Singapore tomorrow on the same flight. I need to keep my fingers crossed and pray for miracle.

It is now time to take my lunch at the lounge. It is now 2:00PM. Traveling sometimes can cause confusion to your body. Your internal clock can go hay-wire.

My lunch: prawn biryani, beef tenderloin, creamy fish and stir fried veggie.

And time to blog using my durable (cheap) MSI laptop...... plus my alcohol shot.

After few hours of net and couch-sleeping, it is time for dinner.

It is now past 8:00 PM. About time to check-in at the hotel airport. The hotel provides meal but I prefer the free meals and drinks inside Emirates business lounge.

This will end my activities for today. I need to take rest for I know I'll not be able to sleep on my flight to Singapore tomorrow morning.


After 1 night at Tresor Tavern hostel, I left Singapore last night at 11:30PM by train 24 from Woodlands. Unfortunately, all sleepers were occupied, I was booked for a second class seater for 34 S$. The 7.5 hours trip itself was uncomfortable. I would make  a post regarding my train trip.

I am now at Hotel Summer View at Brickfields (KL Sentral) waiting for our rooms to be released. My wife and kid will arrive at midnight at LCCT via Cebu Pacific. I need to see them because I am running out of cash; of course I missed them too. I arrived at KL Sentral at 7:00AM having 20 RM in my wallet. Luckily, I found 15 S$ in my money bag hence was able to take my breakfast at Dunkin Donuts for 9 RM; my lunch was also assured. You can convert even small bills to RM. In fact, I have searched my backpack for any other bills, found 200 pesos. Enough to buy me a decent dinner tonight and fare for Skybus. Anyway, my always dependable visa card will take care of the rest.

Tomorrow will be a very long day. Wandering with my loved ones.


My wife and youngest kid left Kuala Lumpur for Manila few hours back after spending few days with me. They're now in the middle of their flight. Again, I would be alone until I finish my remaining 4 weeks vacation.

My original plan was to travel by train from Singapore to Malaysia (KL & Penang) then to Bangkok up to Sim Reap then take bus to Ho Chi Min City; fly back to KL by Asia Air after which I would travel back to Singapore again by train.

However, I have received instruction that I need to go to Abu Dhabi, UAE within few days for additional training and test/inspection. Sorry guys, bread and butter comes first. I hope I'll have time on my next vacation to visit these places. For the mean time, I am spending my remaining few days of my vacation here in Kuala Lumpur waiting for my flight to Abu Dhabi.

I will post our experience here in Kuala Lumpur in coming days, including Genting Highlands.


I have received few minutes back my visit visa to Dubai. I am going to fly to Dubai on 15 Oct 0200 HR by Emirates Airlines. I will stay at Cristal Hotel at Electra Street, Abu Dhabi for around two weeks then 1 week in Dubai. This is one of the drawbacks of my job. I should always be ready to be mobilized anytime. I am right now stuck at Mexico Hotel near KL Sentral. This is the worst hotel I have ever been. Lots of cockroaches and grumpy carpet. Defective water boiler. Smelly room. Door lock seems need repairing thus I am bringing with me my laptop and other travel gears whenever I go out from my hotel. Anyway, I have one more night left and tomorrow will be check-out time. I'll take my dinner again at Tang City Food Court at Chinatown (Petaling Street). To add, the only thing that I have learned to like about this hotel was the liquor shop beside it. When my family and I were in Hotel Summer View, every night I used to buy Tiger Beer in 500 ml can from nearby 7-eleven at 12 RM per can. But on this liquor shop, I found San Miguel Beer (Thailand) in King can worth 5.50 RM each. What a bargain.

Wait for my (photo) blog about KL Petaling Street. I have accumulated some shots but due to preparation in going to Abu Dhabi I don't have enough time to complete this post.

Want something new? Wait for my Abu Dhabi (photo) blog. Abu Dhabi has the best Corniche (sea-view) in the middle-east. It is also the richest city in the world. I used to work there for 7 years.


Arrived at Dubai Airport at around 6:00 AM. Traveled to Abu Dhabi and checked-in at Cristal Hotel. Need to take rest. Body-clock to be reset again. Dying for hot shower and prepare for training tomorrow. Will call old friends after few days and start blogging about my experience in Malaysia.

I heard there was flooding in northern part of Thailand. Maybe my training was blessing in disguise. My plan in visiting Thailand has been postponed.


My two weeks training in Abu Dhabi has been completed. I am now in Dubai at Holiday Inn Express, Safa Park for 1 week inspection.

I will be working until 04 Nov in Dubai.  After which, I'll be stuck for 3 days in Dubai due to weekend and Eid holiday then go back to work site on 08 of Nov.

Sometimes, I am thinking whether I am really blessed with my job because aside from not being able to go home during my vacation, frequent traveling is also taking its toll to my health. Anyway, this is life.


Back to work

 Whenever I have time I will post my remaining shots during my wandering in Malaysia, Abu Dhabi and Dubai where I met "Pinoy Explorer", I am sure all Filipinos know him very well. I would post our shots on January as requested by him. To add, wait for my (photo) post of "AT THE TOP". The highest observation deck in the world. It is situated at 124 floor of Burj Khalifa. Have you wondered how difficult to ride a camel? Or ride a 4X4 across sand dune? Or watch an authentic belly dancer? Or simply view the most beautiful corniche in middle-east. Stay tuned.

P.S. My luggage didn't arrive at Singapore airport. I don't expect to see it anymore. 

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