Saturday, October 1, 2011

Singapore - Little India

While scanning my laptop last night, I noticed that I have some shots of little India while I was wandering around Singapore. Unfortunately, all of them were taken during day time.

Having worked in middle-east for several years and having many Indian friends made me somewhat familiar with their culture and tradition. Thus, I was not that enthusiastic to explore little India anymore when I was in Singapore. Anyhow, I would post some pictures so you guys will have an idea on how Singapore's little India looks like.

You can easily visit little India by MRT. Alight at little India station and simply look for Buffalo (?) exit.

In Singapore, you normally find Hindu temple in any Indian community. In little India, Sri Veeramakaliaman temple is located along Serangoon road.

A colorful and spectacular tower comes with this Hindu temple.

Indian restaurant catering to vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet. I love these Indian foods: biryani, paratha and chapathi, buttered chicken, chicken tandoori plus their sweet and milky tea. Ek karak chai?

You will find several bars and pubs within little India. I remember even seeing a Mexican bar. To add, a famed British named hostel (POW) is also located at the heart of little India.

Indian shops. Note some Indian (Tamil?) outdoor sign and colorful buildings.

While walking along this road, you will smell the strong aroma of different Indian spices. Hence, for those who are not familiar to these spices they might find it offensive and annoying.

Mosque in the middle of little India.

Though little India seems occupy only two blocks, it is a fact that wherever you go in Singapore you will find Indian communities. Even if you trek down at Serangoon road you will end up at Mustafa Center area where there is large concentration of Indians.

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