Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dubai Airport International Hotel

I have been to many 3 to 5 stars hotels and I can say that Dubai Airport International Hotel is one of the best hotels I have ever been.

Aside from the normal complimentary toiletries, comfy bed and wide LCD TV, this hotel stands-out due to seat massager. There is nothing more relaxing for a traveler than to have a massage before you retire to bed. You can keep on repeating the process as long as you want without thinking about the bills piling-up (massage is not included on my company benefits, lol)

You can judge the comfort being offered by the hotel by merely looking at the the bed, the most important part of entire hotel services.

Believe me, even if your body-clock tells you that it is not yet time for bed, once you lie down on this kind of bed there is no sense of trying to stay awake. It will slowly and surely put you to a good and relaxing sleep.

See my complimentary tea/coffee making set. I won't drink any of those but once I check-out, the room boy needs to replenish them. Sometimes you can't say when you need caffeine shot and nothing is available. Be prepared always is one of the motto of any frequent  travelers.

Well, to be honest, I don't raid coffee and tea only, among my favorite things to collect are hotel toiletries and disposable slippers. I can swear that when my luggage got lost last time, the razor, soap, shampoo and dental kits from my previous hotel saved me for few days, not to mention the comb and vanity kit. I am saving the shower cap for my wife, lol. However, I don't take any items which are not considered as complimentary like towels and robe, you don't want being called at departure gate and asked to pay for those items or additional credit card billing popping-out from nowhere.

The bathroom is simple on this hotel, unlike in other hotel where you can lie down on bathtub filled with bubbling lukewarm water while drinking beer with your walkman headset and ALONE...

Well, I am inside an airport hotel and not space station. The hole you see on the wall is overlooking the airport lounge and not the entrance to another space module.

My company used to provide voucher for Millenium Hotel outside Dubai airport because we normally start our journey through Emirates Airlines but now that we are traveling by chartered jet to Dubai we can't go out anymore from the airport. I won't argue anymore with our Boss regarding Dubai visa and hotel accommodation, I am happy to stay at Dubai International Hotel anytime. My Boss will definitely raise his brows upon receiving my hotel billing, a whopping 965 Dhs or 265 USD for a 10 hour hotel stay.

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