Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Malaysia - Genting Highlands

Brought wife and kid to Genting Highlands when they visited me at KL. Since our hotel was near KL Sentral, we started our journey to GH from there. If you are entering KL Sentral at level 2 main entrance you will find the Go Genting bus ticket counter at the right side. But if you will arrive at KL Sentral by train/LRT or bus then chances are you will be at level 1. In this case, go up to level 2 and search for this counter at the extreme left side.

Make sure to reserve your seat as early as possible if you plan to go to GH by Go Genting bus. We queued for bus ticket at around 8:00 AM but the earliest bus with available seat was on 12:00 PM trip. All morning buses were fully booked. Because of this, we decided to buy tickets for tomorrow morning trip and visited Batu Caves on that day instead. There was one guy who approached us while we were on queue and kept on uttering that there was no more available bus ticket and the only way we can go to GH was by teksi. Several times he said this to me and when I would turn my back from him he would tap my shoulder and again repeat the same thing. I was not able to control myself and raised my voice. I knew he wanted us to avail his teksi but I preferred to postpone our GH trip until next day. When he learned that he left immediately.

Our ticket costs 9.30 RM each for one-way, inclusive of cable car or Skyway, so total was 55.80 RM. We decided to book our bus tickets at 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM. You need to reserve also your seat when coming back to KL Sentral.


Quarter to 9:00 AM, we arrived at the Go Genting bus station. You will find the station at the lower level of KL Sentral. You can go there from back entrance/exit of level 1 then proceed to lower level through a small access. Go Genting and LCCT buses (Aerobus and Skybus) have the same berthing station. 

After traveling for almost an hour, we reached the Genting Skyway. If for any reason you don't have GH Skyway ticket, you can purchase the ticket on-site.

Boarded the cable car and off we go to GH.

There are two theme parks at Genting Highlands, indoor and outdoor. We didn't bother to enter the outdoor because wife and kid were not fond of rides. Besides, several rides were under maintenance.



Main Entrance

Ticket counters for Arena of Stars


scaled replica of Eiffel tower



 The price (20 RM) is inclusive of jacket, gloves and shoes rental. However, for locker, you need 4 pieces 50 sents coins, as I remember. You can change coins from their staff manning the counter.

There was a sign at the entrance that photography was not allowed inside. However, we saw other people taking  their pictures so we brought our digi-cam also. The entire snow world experience lasted for around 40 minutes after which all of you will be replaced by another batch. The temperature inside was -9 deg C.


Countless optical illusions, mind teasers, artifacts, replicas, antiques and unbelievable things and people.

Those gloves were huge.


       Hey! There's a man inside.

You can literally freeze your shadow inside this room. Creepy.


Don't leave Ripley's without even trying this illusion. It is like a 4-D illusion. See those rotating or revolving lights around that metal pathway or catwalk? It seems nothing special but once you go inside this tunnel-like place and hold the hand-rail, you will feel that the metal catwalk is also rotating. Once you feel dizzy, just close your eyes and you will feel normal again.


Stars or celebrities who have performed at GH are shown on billboards along this walk including one of my favorites, Cliff Richard.


Time to go back to reality. We traced our way back to Genting Skyway.


We thought the GH fun has ended. We were wrong. Upon reaching the lower GH Skyway building, we were greeted by this unique food shop. It was fun tasting all those biscuits, candies, sweets and preserves.

This shop caught our attention also. You can buy from here Malaysia's famous white coffee and 5-in coffee with Tongkat Ali and "giant kropek".

After buying several tins of biscuits and preserves, we headed back to Go Genting bus waiting at basement 4 level. Our schedule was 4:30 PM but the bus driver allowed us to take the 3:30 PM trip due to less passengers.

I hope Resorts World Manila can duplicate the success of Resorts World Sentosa and Genting Highlands.

Genting Highlands seems to be a combination of our own (upgraded) Star City minus the crowd and compressed Enchanted Kingdom plus two 5-star hotel. No comment for casino. All in all, GH has its own magic that will linger in our memory and an experience to remember by.



  1. oohh, Genting! I went to Ripley's too, im always a believer! ^_^

  2. Hi! How much did you pay to get in to the Park attractions?

  3. We didn't enter the outdoor theme park but I think it will cost you around 62 RM each. Indoor theme park has no entrance fee but you need to pay for each attraction, like Ripley's we paid 20 RM each (as I remember); same with Snow world. We didn't try the other indoor attraction like the sky venture, the gondola, haunted house (?). etc.