Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happy Stripes at Bazaar For All Season

Happy Stripes recently celebrated its first year anniversary. As our way of pushing Happy Stripes to greater heights we decided to join our second commercial bazaar again at Elements Tents, Eton Centris. This time, the bazaar has been organized by Bazaar for all Season.

Bazaar for all Season has been successfully organizing bazaars in the past. Moreover, it is supported by several known fashion bloggers who will be putting-up their own shops during the 2 days bazaar as well.

Bazaar for all Season is also conducting a contest for all its locators. The shop's poster who will garner the most number of "likes" on its Facebook page will win a free booth rental during the duration of the bazaar. In addition, freebies will be given by the organizer, bloggers and sponsors to lucky shoppers and visitors.

Though considered as a new kid on the block, Happy Stripes is bent on winning this contest and presently we are now on second place. To support our online shop, your "Likes" will be highly appreciated and we hope you'll have time to visit us at Elements Tents, Eton Centris. This is our poster link and again many thanks: Happy Stripes at Bazaar for all Season

For more details please visit the Facebook page of Bazaar For All Season: BazaarForAllSeason

01 September

Happy Stripes lost by a less than hundred likes to a veteran and established shop who even offered 2,000 pesos for most number of likes and shares for their poster. HS gave the winner a good fight considering it has joined the contest a few weeks backs. Had HS joined the contest at the same time the winner joined last June then it would be a different story.

It was a great and thrilling experience for HS. Moreover, HS would like to thanks those who supported us even if we didn't know them personally.

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